im seeing a lot of stuff about andreja pejic on my dash so just a reminder that she’s anti-black and has unapologetically used the n slur and has DEFENDED her use of it

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Today’s my birthday!!!!!

Pepper, Jane, Darcy and even Natasha will cuddle with Johnny when they have bad cramps.

Pepper, Jane, Darcy and even Natasha will cuddle with Johnny when they have bad cramps.

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It’s summer for me so that means it’s time to draw all my favs in bathing suits and doing fun outdoorsy things while I stay inside in the A/C

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talking to other queer ppl like


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my left buttock would be a better choice for dr. strange than benadryl cankersore

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We don’t need European fairy tales retold with dark-skinned characters

We need non-European fairy tales being told

Race-bending isn’t the answer here

Realizing that there are children who have non-European heritages and cultures who need their own stories being given representation is the answer

on one hand I’m like “YES TOTALLY”

on the other hand I’m still shuddering over Mulan and Pocahontas. 

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#his face just keeps getting better the more you scroll down and now im laughing bye (x)

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every medicine on the market is like

pros: you’ll stop coughing

cons: you might die

my favorite side effect warning is for antidepressants

pros: you won’t want to kill yourself

cons: you might want to kill yourself

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The old photo Steve Rogers always keeps in his pocket.

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The meansassiest say-it-again-I-dare-you expression.

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HERE IS THE FANART I PROMISED it’s babby’s first giant robot art so let’s not talk about that part, I’m just happy enough that it looks vaguely like that giant metal thing from the movie okay

but yeah I was just really excited to express my appreciation for this movie even though it’s totally outside of my normal aesthetic SO I HOPE Y’ALL LIKE IT ALSO PLEASE GO SEE PACIFIC RIM OKAY THANK

and if you’re interested, you can get prints here!

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Husky raised by cats, view more images here.

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